Siemond Chan

Multimedia Artist + Designer

Day in the Life of a NYC Food Trucker

The food truck phenomenon caught on in cities across the U.S. New York City, alone, licenses up to 3,000 food vendors to operate each year in the city (that number goes up to 4,000 in the peak months of April through October). The food truck business is hard work and long hours, but it has been a good avenue for some immigrant families to solidify their financial standing in their new home. I had the opportunity to ride along with Johar Saddiq for a day, who owns and runs the Mausam Curry N Bites truck, to document what a typical day might look like for a food truck vendor. Saddiq started the business with his wife in August 2012 with a $72,000 investment. The pair immigrated to the U.S. separately in the early eighties.